Service Charges

Fees and charges: 01 January 2019 - 31 March 2019​

Offshore Banking
Domestic Banking
​​Minimum balance to open a/c
Individuals - SCR 2,500
​Balances below specified amount
N.A.SCR 20/- p.m. if balance falls below SCR 2500/-
​Maintenance fee
​No charge
​ATM usage

​​​​​ ​​​​​
Offshore Banking
Domestic Banking
Minimum balance to open a/c

USD 10,000 or equivalent​
SCR 5,000
BusinessUSD 25,000 or equivalentSCR 10,000
​Balances below specified amount
​USD 50 p.m.
SCR 50 p.m.
Maintenance fee
USD 20 p.m.SCR 100/- half-yearly
Current a/c closureNo chargeNo charge
Cheque booksN.A.Personal 50 pages - SCR 130
Corporate 50 pages - SCR 150
Corporate 100 pages - SCR 220
Cheque returned for lack of fundsN.A.SCR 500 per cheque
Request archive statementsNo chargeSCR 15 per page
Stop payment of chequeN.A.SCR 50 per cheque
ATM usageN.A.Free
Advances Fees
O/D & loans - renewal1% of facility amount1% of facility amount
(min SCR 500)
O/D & loan - arrangement /processing fee1% of facility amount1% of facility amount
(min SCR 500)
O/D & loans - excess/arrears fee 2% above contracted rate or USD 100 whichever is higher2% above contracted rate or SCR 250 whichever is higher
Loans - pre-payment feeNo ChargeNo Charge
Amendment to loan contracts/agreement0.5% of outstanding balance0.5% of outstanding balance (Min SCR 500)
Statement of loan a/cNo ChargeNo Charge
Amortisation scheduleNo ChargeNo Charge
Loan rescheduling/restructuring1% of outstanding balance1% of outstanding loan amount (Min SCR 500)
Letter of no commitment with the bankUSD 100SCR 100
Penalty interest rate2% above contracted rate2% above contracted rate
Release of guaranteesNo chargeNo charge
Loan - cancellation of agreement (pre-disbursement) 1% of facility amount1% facility amount
(Min SCR 500)
Funds Transfers
Foreign Payments
Telex/ TT/ SWIFTUp to USD20,000 - USD50 + correspondent charges
Above USD20,000 - 0.30% of the amount + correspondent charges
Up to USD10,000 - SCR 200 + correspondent charges
Above USD10,000 - 0.25% of the amount, max SCR 1500 + correspondent charges
CommissionNo chargeNo charge
Local Payments
Payments made on customers' behalf (outward)USD 15SEFT - SCR20
Banker's chequesN.A.SCR 50
Standing Orders
Current a/c Internal - USD 10
External - As per SWIFT charges
Internal - No charge
External - As per SEFT/SWIFT
Savings a/cN.A.Internal - No charge
External - As per SEFT/SWIFT
New standing order set upUSD 10SCR 20
Amendment to standing orderUSD 10SCR 20
Unpaid due to lack of fundsUSD 75SCR 100
Foreign Currency Account
Minimum balance to open a/c

N.A.Equivalent of USD 1000
Business Equivalent of USD 2500
Balances below specified amountN.A.Equivalent of USD 10
Inward transfers received from banksN.A.No charge
Foreign currency a/c openingNo chargeNo charge
Foreign currency a/c maintenance Individuals
N.A.Equivalent of USD5 pm
Equivalent of USD10 pm
Transfer within branchN.A.No charge
Cash withdrawalN.A.N.A.
Cheque books N.A.N.A.
Cash depositN.A.N.A.
Documentary Credits
Documentary Credits
Internet banking No chargeN.A.
Bank audit report to company's auditors USD 15SCR 200/
Status report for customers USD 15SCR 200/

Please note that the above fees are applicable from January 01, 2019 to March 31, 2019.​

N.A. - Services not being provided by bank as of now